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Urban millennial gals who are generally still trying to get their shit together

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To entertain and inspire millennial women to live more informed and rewarding lives through sharing content relevant to our journey toward a more sophisticated, “adult” versions of ourselves.

Stellar celebrates women of substance through original quality content that offers an interesting, informed and relatable point of view.

Stellar women are smartsophisticatedstrongspiritualsavvy power ladies who have a sense of humor, work hard and maybe even stand for something. If only we could be so stellar. We’re striving to get there.

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  • Substance 90%
  • Wit 80%
  • Style 50%

Recent Blog Posts

10 Phrases to Replace Saying “Sorry”

time to eliminate "sorry" from your repertoire. Lena Dunham touched on an all-too-familiar feeling in a recent essay Sorry, Not Sorry: My Apology Addiction on a topic that so many of us can relate to. "Apologizing is a modern plague and I'd be...

Digital Toolbox: 5 Apps to Stay Organized in a Crazy, Over-Informed World

I’ll admit, I have a problem. A problem with absorbing and digesting information from the Internet. You’re here, too, huh? Welcome. Pull up a chair– I’m listening. I’m not here to judge you. Let’s all admit the truth of our Internet behavior, shall we? While we all publicly pretend like it’s shameful to waste time spiraling down the rabbit hole that is your social media news feed, you know as well as I do that we privately relish in doing so. Read more

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